-Polaris 800 Turbo3 Adjustable Clutch Weights

-Custom cut helix

-primary spring

-secondary spring

65g to 82g + Adjustability

Designed with 3 things in mind (what do turbo guys want?)

1 - Awesome hole shot without super high engagement.
2 - Un-match mid-range pull & top-end belt bite with our turbo tip.
3 - High engagement without huge springs that break all the time or sag.

This is a do it yourself performance kit. (Weights easily adjust from the mid 60 grams to low 80 grams.)

Whats included:

- 1 set of adjustable clutch weights (no special tools required - weights can be adjusted up or down +/- 20 grams in just minutes.


- magnets used to adjust with


- If you call to order these or email us your info we can set these weights with what we  recommend for your specific application.

In stock and ready to ship

This will be the last set of turbo clutch weights you ever need.


To gain full performance potential your clutch will need to be re-shimmed for these weights