Polaris 800 Dragon, Pro, Axys Aggressive Trial Drive Clutch Kit

The 800 Polaris Axys has a belt slipping problem at close to full shift that causes belt heat.

Polaris 800 Dragon, Rush, Switchback Axys aggressive trail drive clutch kit. (This kit is for 0 to 3000 feet of elevation)
This is a do it yourself performance kit. (Weights easy adjust from the low 60 grams to mid 70 grams.)

Whats included:

- Detailed  installation  instructions (so simple ) can be installed with clutch on sled.
- One set of adjustable clutch weights (no special tools required - weights can be adjusted up or down +/ -  about 16 grams in just minutes)

After a season of testing the results were pretty simple:

- Better bottom end pull.
- More belt bite 3/4 shift to full shift, Cooler belt temps and no rpm fade and more top end speed.

Orders may ship in as little as one day depending on inventory.

This just might be the last set of clutch weights you ever need.

Polaris 800 Aggressive Trial Drive Clutch Kit


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