Polaris High Speed Roller Drive Wheels

Tru-Pitch Anti Ratchet Billet Drive Wheels

Have you been blowing belts?
Do you want more track speed?
Do you want cooler clutches?
Your stock drive wheels are robbing unbelievable amounts of power.
Most factory drive wheels have pitch problems, that cause too much resistance.
What’s so special about our Tru-Pitch drive wheels?

A number of things, -  but the #1 advantage is…Less rolling resistance.

Billet 2.52 pitch and 2.86 pitch both available upon request.

Polaris High Speed Roller Drive Wheels

  • After extensive asphalt racing, these all roller drive wheels were the single best performance modification we found. As a matter of fact, we proved there is no performance product that even comes close to the gains seen by our Tru-Pitch Roller Drivers. 

    Ever wonder why 800, 900 and 1,000cc sleds are just not that much faster then a good 600cc sled? Or…they are faster at first and then lose top end? It’s because the drive wheels are losing their pitch radius and the sharp edges are starting to dig deep into the track lug (in the wrong area) causing track wrap (or climb). Remember how fast the old modded Ultras and 800cc XCRs were?

    Everyone thinks it’s because triples are faster! We have proved it’s not the case. The two reasons are:

        1. Four Drive Wheels - yes four drive wheels, the load per drive wheel drive tab is divided by 18 more pressure points reducing resistance and most importantly less drive wheel wear and they stay faster longer. This is why 2.52 drivers have been proven to be the fastest. (Ever wonder why all speed tracks are 2.52 pitch?) More track lugs…less pressure per lug.

        2. Pitch Control - What is pitch control? This the the most important aspect of the drive wheel design. Drive wheel pitch has become a major problem with high torque twins and big triples with two drive wheel systems. (Our two wheel Tru-Pitch anti-ratchet drivers grad the tracks better then any other conventional drive wheel.)

        Pitch control - is making sure the drive wheel has the perfect pitch in the roll of the track  where the drive is located. Drivers are not location on the track in the flat area, they are at the one end of the track where the track is rolled around the drive wheel 180 degrees on a radius of what needs to match the track pitch in the radius. Track pitch changes when you take it from flat condition and roll it around a desired radius.

    What has been happening lately is this…Some OEMs have been moving the drive tab in and out searching for better bite and have actually gone the other way. Drive wheels ratchet worse then ever and tracks have to be run even tighter. (robbing top-end speed)

    There are many “copies” out there of poorly designed OEM wheels, that ratchet as bad or worse than stock drivers.

    If you’re tired of buying expensive drive wheels that ratchet or worse yet, huge 10, 11, even 12 tooth drivers that will not hood the track, you need to try a set of Tru-Pitch anti-ratchet drivers.

    Our billet Tru-Pitch anti-ratchet 9-tooth roller drivers will hook the track better than any other conventional drive. OEM or aftermarket.

    What happened when Polaris went to the big twin motors? The biggest top-end speed robbing mistake…two drive wheels and they are in the center of the track with no outer support wheels which causes track bow around the drivers pulling the center of the track off the inside two drive rows moving the track away from the drive tab causing ratcheting, which causes you to do the dreaded…over-tightening the track.This is why four drive or extroverts are faster. You want something even better? Put a set of our Tru-Pitch anti-ratchet roller drivers on and you will have the smoothest, best rolling track you’ve ever ridden.

    Our 2012 Pro 800 Rush started out running 90 mph 1/8 mile speeds, with our Long Rod Torque Master 3 (LRTM3), with NOS and roller drive wheels it is up to 123 mph in the 1/8 mile (yes 660 ft.) It’s the fastest 800 twin, or triple in a stock chassis with stock suspension I have ever seen.

    One of the photos is a speed and time slip of driver Cade Miller, who works for Indy Specialty.

    The 0 to 60 foot times are slow compared to the bike, and the E.T. is higher then it should be because the stock suspension has to much transfer and ski lift to be real effective drag racing. (we wanted to keep the sled as stock as possible.)

    The stock wheels lose their radius and start robbing top speed…a lot of top end speed. Then they start to ratchet.

    Worn drive wheels have cost us thousands of dollars in blown belts and scrubbed unbelievable amounts of mph off the top-end speed of our 1000cc XCR in the 1/8 mile.

    We finally replaced the stock wheels and replaced them with our Tru-Pitch roller drive system and went a mind blowing 123 mph in the 1/8 mile with no other changes made to our current setup. (Weather and track conditions must be really good to run these kind of numbers.) 

    These wheels show no signs of wear after a full season of use they no snow or lubrication.

    This winter we will have these on all our personal sleds this winter.

    We also build 10, 11, and 12 tooth drivers.

    We also build hubs for almost every OEM style driveshaft.

    At this time, some model hubs are on back order. Call for dates.

    Tru-Pitch roller drivers also available for 2.86 pitch tracks.

    It is proven that 2.52 pitch is the fastest configuration…so keep this in mind when you buy a new track.

    Driveshafts also available.

    These are a racing wheel. If you choose to put them on a production sled, do this knowing this is a high performance drive train product with no warranty.

    We ARE NOT liable for responsible for damage done by impact with rocks.

    Tracks studded prior to roller driver installation may require a different part # drive wheel. (if your studs are located in the roller area contact area, one of two things must be addressed…either the studs have to be tightened tight enough so the stud head is sucked down just below flush or you must order a custom four drive with split wheels.

    Keep in mind, we offer custom split wheel four drive system for studded tracks that comes with a new driveshaft.

    3.0 Tracks - Keep in mind if you are having belt problems and top end speed problems it’s the 3.0 track and drive wheels that are killing your performance. The 3.0 pitch is a power robbing combination.

    Driveshaft NOT included

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