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Meet Indy Specialty and Indy Dan

In 1986 a small low roofed building that was a chicken coop in a former life became home to Indy Specialty. Located on the corner of Highway 169 and 41 in Shakopee MN this small building housed its humble beginnings. Dan, or IndyDan as he has become to the snowmobile world, used his in depth knowledge and grasp of all things mechanical along with an insatiable passion for snowmobiling, to become one of the foremost leaders in the field of motor tuning and building. 

Always a trail rider, the “need for speed” led him to ice drag racing on nearby Prior Lake in the late 1980s. Those days proved to be a base for his expertise in clutching and motor tuning. The mountains called in 1990 and he used that calling to educate himself in the many facets of riding in extreme elevations and conditions. That “mountain education” still serves him well with a large portion of Indy Specialty that serves mountain riders.


The early years were a combination of pinpointing what the industry wanted and then developing that into an asset for a variety of riders. Mountain and trail riders alike benefitted from the deep love and visionary thinking of the man behind Indy Specialty. 


The motor building part of the business has always targeted Polaris motors and continues to be the strong hold of the business. Clutching is considered an art of sorts and is one of the most sought after services of Indy Specialty. The deep knowledge that lies within clutch balancing, machining and shimming can be the difference between a mediocre running sled and a “force” to be reckoned with on the trail, in the mountains or on the racetrack. 


Always monitoring, always listening, always learning were the base of the beginning and what continues to drive each new development and hence product that leaves the doors of Indy Specialty. A multi axis CNC milling machine and CNC lathe addition in recent years have created the ability to react quickly to customize and develop parts that enhance snowmobiling to an even higher level. 


With the help of a committed and loyal customer base Indy Specialty continues to strive for customer satisfaction in all areas and expresses its sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve the snowmobile industry. 

Meet Devin

Devin started with us as an “after school / part timer” at age 15 and is now in his first year of machining school while still working with Indy Specialty. Devin is a “jack of all trades” and we utilize him in all areas of the shop and rely heavily on his many abilities. CFI motor removal and installation in the Dragon, Pro and Axys chassis is done in what we refer to as “Devin Time”.

Meet Johnny V


Johnny V started with the company right out of the Alexandria tech powersports program in July of 2017. From the small town of Luverne Minnesota Johnny has a family background of diesel technicians and automotive, growing up in a family with both business while running the family farm. The mountain snow called a different tune and called him out west. That became his passion and decided that is the line of work he wanted to get into after high school. He then started at Alexandria Technical College powersports program at the top of his class. Shortly after began working for the company being trained by Dan. Johnny is now versed in all polaris snow engines and atv and does most of the engine assembly and fitment along with whatever needs to be done in the shop.

Meet Patrick

patrick cable wi.jpg

Patrick started with the company in the summer of 2018 after he graduated from MSU Mankato. Patrick graduated with a BS degree in Automotive Engineering Technology with a minor in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. While at MSU he was also on the Formula SAE 2018 team doing design, engineering and manufacture of ergonomics and cockpit & control for the Formula SAE racecar. Patrick grew up riding snowmobiles since the age of 4 and has been riding for 25 years. Polaris has always been his brand. Patrick has been doing the clutch service for the past year and works with engine assembly as well. 

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