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At Indy Specialty, we love hearing from satisfied clients. It makes what we do all the more enjoyable. Below are some reviews of of the products and services that we provide. We look forward and appreciate your business.

Over the last summer, myself and a buddy took our 2012 Pro-RMK 163" 800's to Indy Dan to have him put in his long-rod kit. The motors were basically identical when we brought them to him - approx. 150 miles, 1 trip (in deep powder), and otherwise stock.

We both also went with the Team Tied secondary as well as his helix. The differences were mainly In springs, weights and gearing. I'm a big guy - and we geared mine 18/43. His Is 19/43, and he's shorter and lighter than l am.


He's running all stock springs and 10-xx weights (not sure the weight amount). I’m running SlP Blue/Pink spring and SlP MTX weights. We were at Cooke riding on Dec 29-3CI-31. Unfortunately for us, snow conditions weren't great. Great base, but mostly setup and lots of tracks. We did find a few areas of powder, but nothing bottomless.


There was a stock 2013 (first ride), stock Ski-Doo Etec, and stock Arctic Cat. What I noticed first was that the sled *felt* significantly stronger and the low-end grunt was noticeable. The first climb, I wasn't ready for the power, and I literally •overshot" a climb, going straight up where even last year I had to make a climbing s-turn because I didn't have the power to attack it straight-on. Again, remember, snow wasn't great, but It definitely pulled hard. The Etec made a high-mark and I easily out-did it w/o even going WOT. Then he rode it, and he climbed even higher than I could (he's a better rider than I am). We then passed sleds around, and our Long Rod sleds easily had more power than all of the competitive sleds. We didn't get a fair comparison against the stock 2013, only because of snow.


Most of them commented that my buddies "was snappier" than mine. Not sure if that was the clutching (my assumption), or the snow conditions. I'm going to wait to do anything to mine until I get some deep powder riding in.

So, the big question that I'm sure you're asking - was it worth it. While he does NOT mention HP/Torque gains, I feel that they are there. But the reason I did this was NOT because I was after HP/Torque (though I wouldn't want to lose them either), but for the longevity and reliability. I felt I gained that, plus some HP/Torque.


My two complaints:


1. My arms and hands hurt more from how hard It pulls.


2. Dang thing will trench WAY faster now with the new motor.


Want to know anything more? Ask.


PS - I received NO special compensation/consideration/etc. from IndyDan. I just wanted reliability and I went to him. I did consider STRONGLY the RKTech 858 kit as well. Main reason was IndyDan was closer and I could go "choke" him If It wasn’t reliable!



I am so pleased with the job Indy Dan did that I wanted to post about my experience. I sent my clutch in to him a couple of weeks ago for his famous balancing job. There are threads in the SnoWest forum that go into great detail about what Dan does and why it costs what it does so I won't go into it again. I can just say that if you ask any of my family and friends who the "cheapest" or "tightest" person they know is and they'll always say it’s me!! That being said I feel like I got wayyyy more than I paid for with Dan's balance job! I sent in new weights and a new spring (notice the spring is green ... that's because Team’s green spring is exactly the same as Polaris' almond spring. Polaris just tries to confuse everyone by using a different color so you'll just buy their spring which is actually made by team). I would have characterized my clutch as one of the clutches that are barely worth balancing because of all the wear. But Dan did it anyway and charged me the standard labor fee. And although I pestered the poor guy unmercifully with every slightest detail and question he always answered my questions and was very polite. I mention these things because, at least where I live, you don't see this type of customer service anymore. Anyway, the cherry on top of all this was the Indy Specialties beer cozy he put in the box with the clutch!! How did he know I like beer and prefer it cold?? He's magic I guess!!

Thanks Dan!!


A customer for life,


Just want to share with you of the motor I got from Dan. I have it broken in, took my kids camping and got a good supply of carving material. It runs very good, a lot of clean power, I am happy with it. Now I am set for winter too. Thank you very much for the business. I look forward to ordering another motor hopefully this fall or winter, 800 cc's is what I am going to try for.

Thanks again


Best Regards,


He does not advertise much because his work quality speaks volumes on it's own. He is typically backlogged the entire winter months and stays busy all summer as well. It's a small (believe I heard 3 full time employees) shop with excellent quality control, thus the 3 or 5 year warranty. He is extremely knowledgeable on the various Polaris engine's faults and how to correct them, and has proven that to many of us over the last 20 years, and even if he did not guarantee his work we would go back to him with the engines out of our brand new sleds.

My money and engines go to Indy Dan for long rodding and his other durability upgrades. The biggest plus is that he stands behind his work and extends a warranty that makes the factory's warranty look like a joke in comparison. Depending on how destructive it was he may be able to save most of what you have. Send him a few pics and he can give you a good idea if it is salvageable or if you need to find a core engine to start with.

Without a doubt, IndyDan. Pull the motor, send to him, get a motor with a three year warranty in return. Not cheap, but the how much is piece of mind worth?

I went from a 95 to an 03 to my 06 then to a 2015 but sold the 2015 so still on an 06. Hard to replace a 900. I usually replace my sleds when I come across a great deal but like I said I have a hard time finding a sled that pulls like a mac truck like my 900 does so I may be stuck here for a while. Good thing everyone else parts theirs out so I can keep my spare parts in stock and that IndyDan isn 't planning on stopping making his 900 parts anytime soon. SHWING!!!!!



For crank work, most people on here will probably recommend IndyDan ... from what I've heard, you can't go wrong there. If you go this route, you will probably want to send your cases and clutch to have the whole thing machined/balanced....

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