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This is a cylinder for Polaris 800's from 2008 to current. This includes AXYS and PRO chassis cylinders. Please check the cylinder numbers that are cast on the mag (recoil) side of the cylinder to ensure you get the correct cylinder from us. All cylinders from us have the HG7 hone, which really make your pistons and rings last alot longer and free up some friction loss. Please see the "HG7 CYLINDER FINISH" to the right for more details on the bennifits of our HG7 cylinder finish.


2008 to 2012 cylinder from us will come with gussets added to the cylinder tabs for extra strength, this is the root issue with piston issues on these 800's. The tabs were too thin from the factory to stay straight over time and be reliable. The pistons suffered from this. 2013 and up PRO chassis had much thicker beefed up cylinder tabs, to the point where gussets were not need anymore. 


AXYS cylinders have water passages below the new VES system, however in 2015 the fittings were press fit in place, sometimes resulting in the fitting coming off. In 2016 that fitting was threaded into the cylinder. We add this threaded fitting to all 2015 AXYS cylinders. 


This order requires a CORE cylider to be sent in. If you want your new cylinder to be sent to you before we receive your core in the mail there is a $750 core charge. Please see the "CORE RETURN INFORMATION" to the right for more details on the core charge.


Cylinder years/numbers: 

-2008-2009:            3021843

-2010:                     3022201

-2011:                     3022205

-2012:                     3022352

-2013 to Current:    3022449      (PRO Chassis)

-2015 AXYS:           3022554

-2016 to Current:    3022828


2008-Current Polaris 800 Cylinder (DRAGON, PRO & AXYS)

PriceFrom $895.00
  • -The HG7 cylinder finish is a process that we have perfected over many years here at Indy Specialty. Using multi step process to precision hone the cylinder to allow a better finish than any OEM for extended the ring and piston life. The standard honing practice used by most re-plating companies is out dated ….Nicasil silicon carbide cylinders are much to hard for the aggressive finish used on old cast iron cylinders….  leaving the cylinder rough like the standard finish will lead to premature failure and ring and piston skirt breakdown. With our multi step process and torque plates we use in the CNC hone we can produce a much smother finish, and a much straighter bore being precise down to the ( tenth ) …..0001”. This will allow extended ring and piston life as well as less heat buildup. 

  • If you place your order there is a $750-dollar core charge if you would like to have us send your new kit before we receive your core cylinder. This core charge is in place to be sure that we receive good useable core returns.Upon arrival of your core cylinder it will be cleaned and inspected things that could considered a core deduction would be busted cylinder tabs that will need to be repaired normally a low core deduction, If the cylinder received damage in shipping that may be external(damage will be assessed as cist if repairs), a cylinder that is cracked into the water jacket and cannot be repaired would be a total loss of core. We need the core returns as speedy as possible if a core return is not shipped back within 30 days of purchase it may result in deduction or loss of core return.

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