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Weight Adjustment range from 58.5g to 72g


The Mountain weight has one side cut on the profile to lighten the mass of the weight that is carried above the pin line.


These weights are by far the most popular for elevation riding, They provide great belt clamping pressure without feeling lazy in lower RPM.


Our weights are the easiest adjustable weights on the market. Using high powered magnets to adjust the weight and weight distribution of the arms. Small holes on the back side make it easy to remove the weights for adjustment. 


Our helix and secondary spring setups share a great relationship with the primary clutch setups. Giving you the preformance your looking for to the ground, while keeping your belt cool for a long life. 


Comes with all adjustment magnets needed. 


Primary Kit Includes Weights, Drive Clutch Spring, Drive Clutch Slick Shift Washers, & Magnets

Complete Kit includes Primary kit, Helix, Driven Clutch Spring, & Driven Clutch Slick Shift Washers

Mountain Full Clutch Kit

PriceFrom $199.95
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