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Also known as V5-1 MOD. This is the best mountain weight on the market for high elevation to mid elevation on long track mountain sleds. This weight has less mass along the profile AND the tip, making this the most "revvy" weight we have to offer. The adjustment magnets can easily be removed by pushing them out from a hole on the back side.


Easiest adjustable and fine tuning weights on the market


Weight Adjustment range from 58.5g to 72.5 g


Comes with all adjustment magnets needed.


Primary Kit Includes Weights, Drive Clutch Spring, Drive Clutch Slick Shift Washers, & Magnets

Complete Kit includes Primary kit, Helix, Driven Clutch Spring, & Driven Clutch Slick Shift Washers

Mountain MOD Clutch Kit

PriceFrom $199.95
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