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AXYS 800 Long Rod 5 Bearing Motor - Simply the best motor on the snow!





Core must be returned within 20 days of replacement motors arrival, if not returned within a timely manner core charge refund may be subject to partial or total deduction pending time taken to return

if you choose the exchange program


Snow Warranty Disclaimer: Our warranty will cover any defect in assembly or manufacturing including entire bottom end and cylinder gussets. With the best cylinder finish in the industry our warranty does NOT cover pistons. If for some reason your piston scuffs, breaks, melts or otherwise that is typically an issue with your oiling system or fuel system. WE DO NOT WARRANTY PISTON FAILURE Warranty will not cover bent connecting rods due to a piston failure or damage incurred after the connecting rod is bent. Warranty is non-transferable

NOTE: all 90 day warranty motors will have high silicon content OE replacement pistons, If you choose to have a 2 year warranty for an extra $400 your motor will have OEM pistons.

Cylinder Update - As of 10/2015 all cylinders have our new state-of-the-art HG7 Finish.


Prices are subject to change without notice, due to part cost changes and availability.  If you have any questions please email us at:


PriceFrom $3,995.00
  • AXYS 800 Long Rod 5 Bearing Motor - Simply the best motor on the snow 



    Cylinder update - as of 10/2015 all cylinders have our new state-or-the-art HG7 finish which increases ring and piston life.


    Recommended piston interval is now 5,000 miles / 10,000 plus touring miles


    There are also cooling upgrades performed.


    These are generic pictures that may not be for your model year, pictures are for examples only and may not be the parts that are for your model year, Polaris 800 small blocks are exclusive to model year.


    Just because your case & cylinder is damaged does not mean your core is bad. (We can repair just about anything.) 



    Extra case welding charges do apply, Note - Broken cylinder sleeves do not effect the core, if you have any question please call.



    If you would like your new TMX motor shipped right away - you will simply pay the charge of $1,000 to $1,500 depending the year.


    Core charge refunded when we receive your rebuildable core motor. Your core must be received within 20 days to receive full credit, there can be a $150 per day late charge after 15 days.

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