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-This product is for the ORV 800 Ranger/sportsman the RZR bottom end is slightly different and the order must specify if it’s a RZR order. as well as the year the 2011 motor and up is different than the 2010 and under engine.


Don’t be fooled by pretty pictures or low price with heavy stipulations


-Here at Indy Specialty we take pride that we are sending you the customer the best possible product that we can send you at the most reasonable price we can offer. With that being said other companies selling engines based off a pretty picture that they took of one brand new motor (Or a silver painted motor) that does not accurately portray the process that they go through in their rebuild process.


-With our ORV 800 bottom ends we want to give you the customer the best possible quality at the best possible price in any product that we sell. Built with only the best quality parts to and above OEM specifications. All of the bottom ends will come with NEW CRANKSHAFTS- CAM SHAFTS- REBUILT OIL PUMPS- TIMING GEARS- AND A UPGRADED POLISHED OIL PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE.


- major improvements over other companies is that we have recognized one major flaw of the 800 ORV engine is that the oil pressure relief valve is prone to plugging and sticking, one of the causes for this is improper maintenance being oil changes and air filters. We install a polished relief valve and clean up the relief valve bore with a specialized honing process to improve this situation and clean up damage from a previous failure. Being backed up with a new rebuilt oil pump including new water pump shaft, bearing, and a new oil pump rotor.  


-Another thing is other companies saving money by reusing crankshafts from their core motors if they seem good. This is a problem because due to how those crankshafts are made, they are unserviceable and cannot be pressed apart and inspected. The only solution to this is to replace the crankshaft to ensure a good quality part is being used in the engine and will not fail.


-We never want the customer to be surprised by a price they are paying for an engine. Here at Indy specialty we have a $1000 core charge to send your motor to you before you send your motor in for a core. This core charge is there to ensure that we receive good parts in return so we can keep building quality motors to the customer. Upon arrival of your core motor it is disassembled and cleaned and inspected for core charge. The main reasons that a customer may not receive his/her core charge back is if there is catastrophic failure resulting in damage to crankcase, or camshaft and lifters. These are the most expensive parts that we have to replace to build another motor. Crankcase being $979.99- cam and lifters $379.99- to replace these items for the next engine. The next reason a customer may lose his/her core return would be not sending a core or sending a core 30 days later, we need these motors back as soon as possible so we can build one for the next customer.


This listing does not have lifters please contact us upon ordering to order lifters with the bottom end.


Prices are subject to change without notice, due to part cost changes and avaialability.  If you have any questions please email us at:



SPORTSMAN 800 EFI bottom end exchange

PriceFrom $1,695.00
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