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 862 Stroker Engines are now available


Compatible with all patriot based engine platforms including 650,850,9R, & Boost motors


Through extensive testing the 862 has proven to be an absoulute

monster on the trail or mountain, pulling an impressive 4 grams more

clutch weight than a stock 850, and 2 grams more than a 9R


862 will utilize a twin ring piston with a thicker dome than stock for increased reliability 

and less probability of detonation

Cylinders will be HG-7 Torque plate honed for the best surface finish in the industry,

Which increases overall top end life,

Cylinder is also 5 Axis - CNC Ported for improved air flow for better peak Horse Power


Custom Billet cylinder head improves water flow in the head and increases cooling

capacity to decrease detonation possiblity,  Domes can be made for whatever application

and fuel type you are running


Sending in a core engine is required, if you would like us to send you an engine before we have a core, an additional core charge will be added.

Once the core is receieved, the core charge will be refunded

Core refund may be subject to deductions if any welding or additional repairs are needed, call or e-mail for full details.

Core Charge-$1500

Core must be returned within 20 days of replacement motors arrival, if not returned within a timely manner core charge refund may be subject to partial or total deduction pending time taken to return


Exhaust Needs:

Motor must be used in conjuction with stock 850 valves,   650 & 9R valves will not work with this engine


It is recommended that the 9R Y-pipe be used in all applications, 650 Y-pipe can not be re-used


It is also recommended that the 9R pipe is used in all N/A applications, 650 pipe can not be re-used

850 pipe and Y-pipe can be used be will result in less overall peak hp


Factory Boost sleds must run the factory boost pipe or equivalent replacement



Please call or E-Mail for more details

862 Starfire Stroker Motor

PriceFrom $5,995.00
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