Our 600 engine exchange program is a simple and affordable way to get your 600 polaris back on the snow.





You simply order and pay for the motor and core charge,  We will ship you a replacement motor with everything you need to install it,  Then you put your broken motor back in our shipping box and send it back to us.  After your motor gets to us we will inspect it and return your core charge.


The engine is Re-manufactured with a stock crankcase, re-plated cylinders, new pistons and gaskets, new rods, rod bearings and all new crankshaft bearings.  It also has a 1 year warranty


It is like buying a replacement from polaris with a better warranty and better customer service.


Your purchase includes all the gaskets you need to install the engine as well.


We will need your motor as a core but we can ship your replacement motor out right away if you pay our core charge up front.


The core charge will be returned to you once your core motor arrives at the shop and is inspected


Any questions please email us at:  support@indyspecialty.com


Prices are subject to change without notice, due to part cost changes and avaialability.  If you have any questions please email us at:  support@indyspecialty.com


Torque Master 600 EFI Engine