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Kit Options include:

Weights only

Primary Kit (weights, primary spring, slick shift washers for drive clutch)

Complete Kit (weights, primary spring, secondary spring, helix, slick shift washers for both)


Turbo3 Adjustable Clutch Weights

What makes these better than other weights for turbo sleds? The unique design of the weights allow you to stay spooled while riding. High engagment without needing huge springs that can break or sag quickly. Unmatched mid range pull and top end belt bite. These are the last weights you will need for your turbo sleds.


Weights easily adjust from 71 grams to 85 grams using high powered magnets to adjust the weight and weight distribution of the arms. Small holes on the back side allow for easy removal of the magnets. These are the easiest to use, fully adjustable weights on the market.


Our helix and secondary spring setups share a great relationship with the primary turbo setup, giving you the performance you always wanted in your turbo sled.


To gain full performance potential your clutch will need to be re-shimmed for these weights. 



PriceFrom $199.95
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