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Dose your UTV/ATV have a harsh engagement, jumpy taking off?  This is the kit for you!!  This kit will eliminate that jumpyness at take off from a dead stop, it will take off very smooth like a car with this kit.


If you are looking for the smooth take off and faster exceleration and more overall performance, check out our full kit for the ATV/UTV.


We have applied our vast knowledge of Polaris CVT systems to developing a clutch weight that WORKS for ATV's and UTV's.

We have tested and ran many aftermarket weights.

There are good weights out there but the biggest issue we seen was that belt clamping pressures at high RPM was not sufficient.  This leads to high belt temperatures and blown belts.


The weight is adjustable with magnets from 64-80 grams.

We designed this weight with magnets holes distributed throughout the profile of the weight which makes adjusting and fine tuning possible.

i.e. magnets added to the lower tip holes will increase engagement for better holeshot and great clamping pressure at high RPM

or magnets added to the upper profile holes will add more clamping pressure at lower RPM for larger tires and more torque in the mud and sand.


These weights were tested in the 850 , 900 and 1000 models.







PriceFrom $199.95
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